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CMA is your partner in education and training.

With multiple CTS certifications, CMA can offer your organization a wide choice of accredited educational classes for renewal units. Classes are available at industry trade events, via webinars or booked by appointment.

All courses are available as either a 2 hour seminar (2RU) or 4 hour (4RU) instruction. Here are our current list of CTS RU approved courses:


  • Using Microsoft Outlook as a Business Tool in the AV Industry (this course is also available as an online seminar)

AV Project Management - The Fundamentals of Managing an AV project from Start to Finish

AV Project Coordination - The Fundamentals of Coordinating & Communicating with the Project Team

AV Millwork Coordination - All Aspects of Coordinating AV Equipment into Millwork

Managing Multiple AV Facilities through a Central Control Room / Monitoring System

  • This seminar provides an understanding of how AV facility support staff, AV technicians / operators or IT technologists can utilize “managed” control systems to support, operate, test and monitor AV systems remotely. It discusses the deployment of a managed control system for companies with multiple AV facilities and explains how a managed control system can greatly streamline operations, improve end-user support, ensure reliable operations and assist with proper maintenance and testing of the AV systems.

AV What you need to know about LEED and the Greening of AV



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